Live a sustainable vacation experience

Your perception of space and time will never be the same after spending a relaxing vacation in complete harmony with nature in Val Molini. Let go of stress and frenzy, let yourself be lulled by the poetic sounds of the woods and reach a personal balance by retuning your rhythms with those of the surrounding environment. Whether you are sports enthusiasts, incurable romantics, admirers of family vacations or single travelers, marry our philosophy of wellness and relaxing yourself and choose Val Molini as your favorite destination.

How we express our commitment to nature and the environment

Below you will find our 10+1 eco-friendly initiatives.

With take a mindful and responsible approach to upholding our values and protecting the beauty of our surroundings alongside you, our guests.

  • We harness solar power using photovoltaic panels to produce electricity.
  • We use energy-efficient lighting, We opt for LED bulbs where possible.
  • We’ve installed water-saving devices and dual-flush toilets in our apartment and bungalow bathrooms to minimise water usage.
  • We use a waste sorting system. An ecological hub ensures proper waste disposal in Val Molini. Every apartment and bungalow is equipped with recyclable bags to help guests easily separate waste during their stay.
  • We cover our deluxe bungalow’s outdoor hot tub to maintain its water temperature when not in use.
  • We’ve equipped our newly constructed bungalows with energy-efficient appliances rated Class A for enhanced efficiency.
  • We issue magnetic cards to manage access and have installed home automation systems in selected units to promote conscious energy use.
  • We’ve reduced the presence of disposable plastic items in our apartments and bungalows in favour of sustainable alternatives where possible.
  • We provide towel and bedding changes upon request to minimise unnecessary laundering.
  • We provide guests with cards providing access to free public transport in Trentino.
  • Our newly constructed wooden bungalows are thermally insulated to maintain desired temperatures with minimal heat loss.
  • Our team is available to provide guidance on walking and cycling routes to explore the Ledro Valley and recommend ecotourism experiences in the local area.
  • We use pellets derived from waste processing as a renewable energy source to heat water in select apartments/bungalows and the pool.
  • We care for our green spaces using CO2 emission-free tools, such as battery-powered trimmers and blowers.
  • We cover our pool during closing hours to reduce heat loss.
  • Our staff members use electric vehicles in Val Molini.
  • We’ve installed several drinking fountains in our large communal garden for guests.